Everything You Need to Know About Theater of the Sea in Islamorada

Everything You Need to Know About Theater of the Sea in Islamorada

Islamorada’s waterside living makes the ocean an exciting main feature of leisure and enjoyment. Waterfront homes line the bay, restaurants boast seaside locations, and the natural habitat is front and center in outdoor recreation. Theater of the Sea is an exciting mix of marine conservation and wildlife shows. When searching for homes for sale in Islamorada, here’s everything you need to know about this marine park.

About Theater of the Sea

Theater of the Sea was originally established in 1946. This makes it one of the oldest marine mammal facilities worldwide. The theater protects the lagoons and tropical gardens of the area, which serve as habitats for native species. When working with Islamorada Real Estate Agent, they can tell you all about the spectacular marine life across the four islands. The three acres of lagoons are supplemented with 12 million gallons of ocean water for animals to thrive. Many animals in the theater have been rescued or taken in by the organization.

Those interested in visiting for a dolphin ride, meeting the sea lions, or lounging at the beach can visit starting at 9:30 am. General admission gives visitors generous access to the park’s amenities and shows. Those interested in an up-and-close look at the animals can reserve a separate time to do so. The Theater of the Sea is also the perfect venue for any celebration.

Sea shows

This marine park has a packed schedule of shows for guests to enjoy. Shows range between 10 and 30 minutes and include a range of species. Get up bright and early for the Sea Turtle Talk. Learn all about sea turtles and their role in the underwater ecosystem. Or get a look at a range of fish, sharks, and rays while feeding them. Guests will be wowed by their sleek frames cutting through the water.

For more interactive fun, attend the Dolphin Show. Sit up and close for a chance to get splashed, or watch these mammals launch themselves into the air from the back row. The sea lion show is a cute and comedic attraction. Hear them talk and perform for the crowd. Alongside these shows, Theater of the Sea also has crocodilian training, a parrot show, and a bottomless boat ride with the dolphins.

Animal interactions

This park is also famous for its animal interactions. Those searching for houses for sale in Islamorada will love the dolphin interactions available. Families with young children can pet and cradle docile dolphins in shallow water. Strong swimmers can dive into deeper waters and hitch a dorsal tow ride. Guests who aren’t comfortable getting in the water can lean in for a kiss on the cheek while on land.

Another popular animal interaction is swimming with the sea lions. Dip into the shallow pool and watch them twirl around you underwater. Or meet them from outside of the lagoon. These talented animals also know how to paint with colors of your choice. Those who schedule a private visit can swim with the sharks. These calm creatures swim lazily through the water and love pats on the back.

There are a number of private interactions that guests can schedule with other animals as well. Swim with the rays to watch their billowing bodies skitter through the lagoon. Or meet the alligators and make a painting to remember the moment. Visitors can also feed the sea turtles lettuce with prongs. These beloved animals amaze with their large shells and scaly bodies. Coax the parrots onto your arms and shoulders with a sweet treat.

Dining by the beach

The Theater of the Sea also offers a lagoon-side beach for all guests. Stretch out on a chaise lounge to soak up the sun. Or take a dip into the lagoon. The beach also provides a calm spot to snorkel. Guests love the rainbow of tropical fish that live on the seafloor. The Snack Shack offers quick and refreshing treats for guests.

After a thorough exploration of the park, stop by Papa’s Grill for a tasty lunch. The cuisine here features traditional American food and seafood options for guests. The Starlight Terrace is the perfect place to eat your meal. Feel the ocean breeze on your face while dining. The mature palms and umbrellas shade the terrace for a comfortable experience.

Memorializing your visit

Visitors interested in memorializing their visit can purchase photo and video packages of their time at the park. View candid and posed photos of your time interacting with sea life. Then order your memorabilia digitally or as a physical print. These make for great photo albums, pictures to frame, or Christmas cards for buyers searching for Islamorada homes for sale.

The gift shop at Theater of the Sea is full of unique and varied gems. Remember your time at the park with a necklace, bracelet, or shirt. Children love the toys and stuffed animals featuring their favorite sea critters. Or purchase a game the whole family will enjoy. This gift shop also offers artwork, home décor, and traditional souvenirs.

Celebrations at the theater

When looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a milestone, Theater of the Sea provides everything you need. This spot is great for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, surprise marriage proposals, and gender reveals. Remember the special moment with a keepsake buoy delivered by a dolphin or sea lion. Guests can also reserve the park for a private tour or evening event.

Ready to visit the Theater of the Sea?

Exploring everything Islamorada has to offer is best done with local agents like those at Ocean SIR. They’ll have a thorough understanding of the area’s amenities like Theater of the Sea. This marine park is a great spot to spend the day. Stick around for its full schedule of shows, or wander the beautiful grounds conserving the forest and lagoons. When you’re ready to start your search for homes in Islamorada, contact one of their agents to guide you through the process.

*Header photo courtesy of Theatre of the Sea

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